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Using Lavender for Hair Loss Treatment

Using Lavender for Hair Loss Treatment

By on Dec 22, 2015 in Hair Loss, Hair Treatment, Prevention |

Hair loss is one of the most annoying conditions you may encounter as you age. It has the scientific term used and that is the Alopecia Areata; this is an autoimmune type of disease that is found at the follicles of your hair making it reject the nutrients from your body to your hair to maintain the proper and normal grow of it. That is the time when your hair loss will start and lavender is one of the most effective thing for you to use when you are to treat this kind of condition.


What you will need are the lavender, thyme, cedarwood, rosemary, jojoba, grape seed oils, towels and an eye dropper.

  1. The first thing that you must do is to have a small bowl for you to mix all the oils mentioned above. With this mix, you may at least have three drops of every oil.

  2. Add up a 1/8 cup of the jojoba oil with the same amount of the grape seed oil. These will serve as the carrier oils that will make all the oils maximize all their healing properties towards your scalp with the prevention of irritations.

  3. Have all the oils mixed thoroughly; you will then notice that the scents will be permeated into the air.Benefits-Of-Lavender-Oil-for-Hair-Loss

  4. Have your eyedropper now and then use it for you to be able to put some drops of the hair tonic you made out of all the oils that you used.

  5. Now have it into your hair, it would be best for you to ask for assistance or have it done in the sink for you to never have it drip on your shirt.

  6. Have the lavender oil mixture rubbed into your scalp for at least three to five minutes every night, it is important for you to apply a generous amount of mixture into the areas that are affected much. Yet best done if you apply it into your entire scalp for you to help other follicles grow too.

  7. After the application of the oil, rinse your hands with soap and water then have your head wrapped or if you find it hot, just have the towel spread all over your pillow so that you will avoid the oils from getting into your sheets at night.

  8. Let stand for overnight then rinse in the morning.

  9. Have the remaining mixture kept into a dry and cool place.lavender-hot-oil-treatment-for-hair

  10. Regularly check the results into your hair, there are a lot of reported results that users of the lavender oils are enjoying the benefit of lowering the chances and slowing down the loss of their hair, comes growing the new strands that is the most awaited result of the people who are in the same condition that you have.

Make a sufficient amount of mixture so you could keep more for the next time you use it, store at the room temperature to never damage the oils.