How to Regrow Hair Naturally for Men

total hair regrowthPeople try to avoid taking medicines, surgical transplants and laser treatments as a means on how to regrow hair naturally for men because they are expensive and may have long term side effects. Men can stimulate hair regrowth naturally in various ways including:

  • Taking the right diet. Human hair is made up of protein referred to as keratin. This protein provides hair its strength and integrity, hence when it is deficient in the diet the hair will appear dull and quiet poor. In addition to this the hair will stop growing coupled with the ends splitting. Hence to encourage more hair growth, one has to take a diet composed with high protein intake. Examples of protein-rich food include, chicken, beans, nuts, cheese and nuts.Another way to regrow the hair is by oiling the hair. Applying oil to the hair will provide nourishment to the hair root and encourage hair regrowth. Sample of the best oil to use are olive oil, almond oil or castor oil, they work best in regrowing hair naturally. The oil ought to be applied during bed time after which the head is covered using a towel or a plastic bag, only to be removed in the morning during a shower.

  • Massage the scalps. This refers to gently massaging the scalp with more emphasis being given to the bald areas, although the massage should be evenly distributed throughout the head thus encouraging blood circulation to the hair follicles. This is essential since poor blood circulation to the scalp, leads to hair thinning. Using the correct hair shampoo helps in encouraging hair regrowth for men. Caution should be taken since some commercially manufactured shampoos contain chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate. This chemical has been identified to damage the hair and encourage hair loss. As opposed to herbal shampoos with ingredients such as: green tea, tea tress oil which have been proven to stimulate hair growth. Shampooing the hair using the appropriate shampoo keeps dandruff away, stops hair fall and curbs receding hairline.
  • Exercising. It helps in hair regrowth in the sense that, cardiovascular exercise increases blood circulation all over the entire body including to the hair follicles. This has the effect of increasing nutrient supply to the hair follicles encouraging growth of luscious hair and fighting hair loss. Studies reveal that a dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) found in men reduces the size of hair follicles leading to male baldness. It’s suggested that exercise reduces the effects of DHT thus curbing hair loss.
  • Stress management. It also helps in hair regrowth¬†since when stressed up the body releases cortisol hormone which discourages hair growth facilitating baldness. It’s recommended that one should manage stress.

Hair loss can lead to severe depression in term of self-image of a person. Natural remedies total hair regrowth reviewon how to regrow hair naturally for men can go a long way in improving the self esteem of a man once the hair starts to grow back.

If you want to get more information about how to regrow hair naturally for men, then you need to check out this recommended guide.

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